Monday, February 18, 2013

Old Shoe and New Comic

After spending a month travelling around Gujarat and Delhi, I am finally back to my room. I have been dying to get back and start work because probably that's the only way I know to be sane and literally in working condition. I had packed pretty economically for my travel which allowed me to carry only one casual pair of shoe, which I made full use of. I once had an accident in those shoes, so they looked pretty ragged to begin with, but a full marinated blessing of Kutch Salt desert and black mud slush added a whole new class to it. I wore them around each day and in Comic Con too where the shiny pointy shoes must have given it quite a bit of attention. But I walked around, doing my book purchase which really overshot it's estimate. All the more reason to love my old pair of shoes. Now that I am loaded with pending work list, I thought it would be good to get warmed up to the needed act. Therefore dear readers, I bring you a page which pays homage to people with old shoes and good comics/books. 

You can check the larger size of the image here. 

This one really helped me get back to my brush pen usage, and I affirm this again - inking will always be the best part of making comics. There are some sketches from the trip too which I shall put up soon too. 

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