Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012.Brainwave. Issue 14. Groovy Geometry

The much anticipated final year of mankind arrived ten hours ago and the hungover crowd has crashed to the bed after putting a grand welcome. The passed year inked the headlines day after day with the death of some very famous, celebrated figures and some highly despised individuals. The regret of not seeing Jagjit Singh perform live will haunt me for some time. But, some years are like that when the very cream and dirt of the generation gets wiped off. While I type this post, the death toll for Thane cyclone has reached to 46 and although the lives lost didn't share the same glory as the one which made bold headlines, it did matter to a few. Paying respect to Christopher Hitchens and moving on to 2012, I hope that we grow as individuals who take the pride and blame for their actions.

Now that the greetings are shared let's take a peek into the new issue of Brainwave - Groovy Geometry. As a kid, Geometry was my favourite bit of Mathematics till high school. I used to love using the various instruments and deriving the areas and angles of geometric figures. Senior school kind of ruined it for me as the concept became much more dense with little left to imagery. For this issue I worked with tight geometric shapes to create the cover story artworks. It kept a tight leash on the style which gave consistent look across the pages and also helped in exploiting the simplicity of basic shapes.

Geometry has it's strange side too and the Moebius Strip is a fine example of it. Mix it with the idea of fourth dimension and you are ready to pull your hair. This issue has been put together with such moments of confusion, dilemma, google search and prototype making by the Brainwave team. We hope you like our sincere efforts on battling the blues of Geometry. 

Non cover story pages :

Interestingly, the next issue is on evolution and I am doing some research on cockroaches for an infographic. Here is a trivia for you - If 2012 sees the end of humankind through nuclear warfare, cockroaches have much more of a chance of surviving it and fruit flies are already hovering with no worries of nukes because of their less frequent cell division during molting cycles. Hope you survive to see the next issue for more information on cockroaches. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brainwave. Issue 13. Water World.

The last issue for the year 2011 came out in the stand and this one is about water. This issue was put together in a bit of time crunch situation because of the Diwali break. I did a few illustrations and one infographic for this issue. Here are the pages from the issue - Water World.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tweet Tweet (ट्वीट ट्वीट)

ट्वीट ट्वीट कपिल सिबल
चर्चे हर तरफ अविरल
सरकार तो थी हीं सुसाइडल
आप ने भी खोद डाला दलदल

बोलें भावनाओं को पहुंची हैं ठेस
आकाल पीड़ित भी हो गया है सूटकेस
लोकपाल से हो गए है तंग
कम्बखत अब यह फेसबुक की जंग

कोई नहीं करता हमारे स्टेटस को लाइक
अन्ना तो छीन चूकें हमसे माइक
सोनिया जी भी अब ध्यान नहीं देती
मंत्रालय से मंत्रालय घुमाती

अब कब तक खाएं एक अचार
नहीं अब होता और संचार
करना होगा कुछ यूँ प्रहार
की मूक हो जाए जनता दरबार

मंहगा हो चूका है हरा चना
इस वॉल पर है अब मूतना मना
सावधानी से करना कल्पनाओं को व्यक्त
इस निगरानी के विकल्प सख्त

मिट जाएगा वह हर अपडेट
जहां लिखोगे इन्फ्लेसन रेट
धर्म का तो नाम मत लेना
इसी सहारे है चुनावी नाव खेना

पर नहीं जानते सिबल बाबु
कैसे करें जनतंत्र पे काबु
साँसों से अहम विचार है
फेसबुक तो जन्मसिद्ध अधिकार है

करते हैं इसी पे आंदोलन अटेंड
ऑफिस टाइम में मनाते हैं वीकेंड
लॉग इन हर सेकंड बाई सेकंड
इस के बिना जीवन है डेड एंड

- ख़ुफ़िया कातिल का चहकता इंतेकाम

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The elders

I got hold of a few old Indian illustrated books for children in the editorial room of my office. It was quite a pleasure to see illustration that has been crafted out with limited tools and mass produced with the basic print techniques. Here are scans of some artworks and respect to the illustrators for being a master in their trade.

Illustrator: Chittaprosad

Illustrator: Mario Miranda

Illustrator: PB Kanadi

Illustrator: Robin Sen Gupta

Illustrator: Madhu Powle                            Illustrator: V N O'key

Illustrator: Madhu Powle 

Illustrator: Robin Sen Gupta