Sunday, June 9, 2013

Parle G

I wonder if the makers of Parle G biscuit realise their brilliance at catering to the universal appetite of animal kingdom. We all have tasted this glucose enriched two rupee pack of baked brick with our tea cups, but to see animals also having a go at it is something else. Yes, dogs can lap it up any day, but squirrels, cats and Myna, all pecking on it day after day, I think we just found a leveling ground in the ecosystem. The most awkward part is Mynas picking up Parle G, even when their Jowar Bajra kept in a bowl. I took a few photographs of the animals coming at my window to munch on some food. Mynas are too camera conscious to let me click a photograph. Here are the fat squirrels (in short, Squatty) and the white cats (there are two of them and both are referred as Mausi). 

Watching them eat is one of the selfish reasons to keep the food out. Squirrels roll the Parle G crumbs and Jowar Bajra grains in their tiny hand while running their teeth like a saw on it. You can hear the crackling sound of the grains chipping off into their mouth. A cat on the other hand seems to toss the biscuit in its mouth while eating, each munch of it is like an act of saving the food from falling out of the mouth. They provide a good company through out the day with their wholesome act of eating and getting involved into power games over who gets to eat how much and when. As I type this, I imagine the squirrels hanging out on the window wall like one of the stealth mission of spy movies, probably four of them, waiting for the clearance call on Mausi. And then, they will have a sumptuous breakfast.