Monday, March 4, 2013

Kutch and Delhi

This post has been waiting for quite some time to go up, partly due to lack of developed camera roll and mostly because of such a fatigued work schedule. I think when you take a month long break from work, you have to pay the price. Although, I don't really mind being in my room working all day, but this rush leaves you a bit old. Talking about the work break, I used my camera in limited amount and sketched only when I got the urge and boredom to. So, I have a few shots of Kala Dunger and White desert (the slushy white moon surface look a like where you can lose a foot at times deep into the mud beneath the salt layer) from Kutch. I spent one afternoon in the blinding sun and a night in the freezing car at White desert. Surrounded by so many barricades and concrete in our usual routine, the white desert footing was an unveiling of the surrounding cages, horizon was an endless thin line, not a jagged paragraph of buildings and dug up roads. The morning at Kala Dunger enveloped with an array of small hills and it's slowly disappearing shadows in the sunrise was saved warmly in the memory pockets. Here are some shots from Kutch - 

White Desert in the night time.

Kala Dunger
During the latter part of the travel, I left the camera inside and did a few sketches here and there. Since I packed very limited art materials due to luggage constraints, felt tip pens were my only weapon of choice.  I think the uncompromising yellow pages of my book tried their best to compensate for the little glamour. 

Samia at Jahanpanah City Forest

Hauz Khas

There are some other things that need to be blogged about too, hopefully soon. Lot of work to row through for now. 


  1. Somesh, i absolutely ADORE the shots, especially the 2nd and more especially the 3rd(would love to know the shutter exposure time on that one).
    As for the work pressure, all i can say -

    Belieu in JEEJUS.

    1. Thanks Andy. The third shot was taken in the bulb mode, so I had counted till 40(from what I remember) after pressing the button. The film speed was 400.
      Work pressure - Jeejus ke bas mein nahi hain.