Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brainwave, February 2013

The year 2013 started with a lot of tasks unchecked on the to-do list. I had sketches to finish for an Amar Chitra Katha project, posts for Perch Project, and printing the first 25 pages of my graphic novel. All this had to be done before I began my one month travel, but by mid January I managed to put a tick on all of the above. With my planner scribbled with all the work and chores, the small illustration work for Brainwave took a back seat. It seemed difficult to be doing everything, and in the process being all over the place with watered down work. I doubt if there would be any Brainwave illustrations for the coming months, but February has two of my small artworks in the issue. 

The above artwork is for an article on Arvind Gupta, the toy maker who helps make Science a whole lot of fun with putting up scraps and wastes together as playful instruments. You can check out his DIY toys on - Arvind Gupta Toys. I used Uniball 'Posca' pens for this artwork, the marker has pigment based ink which comes out as thick fat coating on paper giving it a screen print quality. The patters are derived from some of his toys like kaleidoscope, origami paper crafts, and toys made of matchboxes, straws etc. 

This artwork is for a fan fiction section written by a young reader. This piece describes a perfectly balanced  eco-system where humans are more empathetic, which I believe must have left whales, crocodiles and tigers very relieved. The dolphins are not bothered about this, they will scoot away anyway before Vogons take notice. 

I am putting this post up in the middle of my travelling using a borrowed computer. There is plenty of work grumbling up at my desk awaiting my return. But for now, I am hopping trains and smelling new landscapes. Some photos should be up soon when I return, although the woes of developing film rolls await me too. 

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