Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brainwave. Issue11. Virtual Realities.

Yes, I am still without Internet connection these days and dependent on a few stolen hours to update the blog. And this issue is about Internet. What an irony! 
For this issue I created a lot of small artworks, hand rendered titles and one infographic. Here we have my efforts on this issue one by one.

From this issue we have decided to do a few web special articles. The last illustration is for the article titled 'Talking Internet' which speaks about the changes being done in the way we access Internet and how it can be made more convenient for the millions of mobile phone users who are illiterate and poor. 
This is my fifth issue for Brainwave and soon we will be hitting the completion of Volume 01. The next issue is something which the foodies will enjoy and so far the work on it has been satisfying. I just hope that Airtel will be kind enough to give me my Internet back.

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