Thursday, October 20, 2011

Young World

Brainwave magazine is growing and its tentacles have managed to grab print space in the esteemed newspaper - The Hindu, Young World (kid's section). This deal came across last month and we pitched for it with high hopes. The idea is to generate new and recycle old content from the magazine to dish out Brainwave section in the 'Young World' each month. In the early stage, I started working with the suggested title 'Brain Juice' and created headers for it. 

I was working with the idea of it to look like the coiled up spaces in brain. Sadly, the selectors in The Hindu office didn't like then name so much. We picked up a new title - Grey Matter and I rushed to the drawing board for making the new header.

Publication business often keeps you at the very edge of deadlines but we managed to wrap it up on time and it came in the papers last Tuesday (18/10/11). I am sharing with you the first published section of Grey Matter by Brainwave. The 'Toybox' artworks are by Prabha Mallya, 'DIY' artworks by Chaitanya Krishnan and the rest is by me.

While writing this post, I observed that most of my last updates on the blog have been about Brainwave. I need to get back to the sketching and hindi poems soon. I missed the last sketchcrawl due to work load burdened on me but I am getting a feeling that November onwards I will have more of a breathing space. Till then clean your home well for Diwali.


  1. Somsesh.. yes we missed you at Sketchcrawl, but your city did have a good showing of participants.

  2. Ya, I saw some sketches on facebook. I will follow the dates well for the next sketchcrawl. Don't want to miss it. Saw your sketches for 15th. So great that you did it despite being unwell.