Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yesterday, I went for the movie - Dhobi Ghat, Kiran Rao's directoral debut under the Amir Khan Production Banner. The one aspect in the movie that really moved me was this relationship of an artist and his/her inspiration. An artist is triggered by a thought, idea, muse, subject, put whatever name you like. Take that source away from him and you leave him in sorrow, a heavy feeling that just looms around. At times, this feeling may devastate him or keep him alive for a closure. This feeling seems familiar to me.

Few days back, I attended the Grad ceremony for my juniors/batch mates. I wish them luck. A year has passed. A year since I graduated with my final project and the time has come to put the pieces together of my inspirations and thoughts. I can't put a time frame on it right now but the important thing is that I have started. Hopefully, a start that will see its end. Looking back at what I had done a year back and starting the book all over again seems like an endless thread. It needs a fresh start as the earlier book is getting a bit descriptive in its narrative. I have the nodes of anecdotes from my previous script and it requires to be juggled around to achieve the right flow. I did some research about how to go about it and read a few inspiring graphic novels too. I think the process needs to be a spontaneous now, after-all it has to be a harmonious play of image and text. So, sketches and storyboard thumbnails will be a good idea to put the base for the finals. I started with the character sketches of my father. 

Mukesh, the singer has always led me into the days spent with my father. His songs are like the bookmarks and when I am listening to him, it helps me alot to connect with this book  I enjoyed drawing these pages and it gave me a good jumpstart on the book. There are many other doubts in my head though - I am scared that too much of an inspiration from great works may kill my own voice. or Do I have a style of drawing? I just enjoy drawing and most of my work are realistic in its appearance. Thoughts like these often put me in a blackhole. But you just got to do what you got to do, right? I have to get some freelance work done too, to pay the bills etc. I hope I manage well and keep up with the book. More updates will come soon, probably some storyboard sketches.


  1. I read somewhere,'Writing a memoir is like preparing yourself to go to confession.' So, just keep going weaving those memories in the tapestry of your words, ideas, thoughts and sketches so that it may create a sigh in other people feeling that they had also felt the same way, only they didn't have the courage, the truthfulness to do so.