Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Delhi and dadi

These are some of the photographs and sketches from my trip to Delhi in December 2010. The first week, I was down with food poisoning. I moved to my Chacha's place and spent time with my grandparents while recovering on home food and medicines. Dadi is still dependent on the walker for her movements but she seems better now. The two cousins are quite cheery and keep the house buzzing with their playfulness. I took some photographs while I was there but the results didn't look good to my expectations. I learnt something very specific to manual slr. I was using a film roll of 200 ISO and at times I had to shoot in low light. So, I extended the ISO manually to the need. But do remember, when giving your films for wash, mention beforehand that which shots were taken on increased ISO otherwise, the photographs will suffer quite a loss. I didn't know that but its a good lesson learnt.

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