Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home and home again.

Went home (Patna) for a week and Baba was also there. He likes to have his brunch and get a good nap. Drew him while he was at the end of his day's sleep. He changed direction quite often while sleeping and once said a few words in his sleep. In the night, when he is not able to sleep early as he finishes quite a bit of his sleeping quota in the day, he complains of mosquitoes biting him.

I had to catch Rajdhani for my way back to Delhi. I was a bit early at the station. So, sketched the platform, a dog sitting nearby and a guy selling guavas. Railway platforms are quite a hunting ground for people who like to draw.

My flight for Bangalore was at 9 in the morning and again I was early at the airport. There was this old lady alone, she was on a wheel chair. The airport guy accompanying her to the counter and check- in was in a bit of hurry. She wanted her handbag to be kept separately from the check in luggage. The guy is his hurry didn't wait to hear more of what she wanted. Silently, she murmured "Main toh kewal request kar sakti hu."( All I can do is, request others.)

After I was done with security check, I noticed this lady sitting alone with burka. When drawing her, she was a bit uneasy with me sketching her.

This guy wanted me to sketch him. Finally, I did. Though, he was a bit upset of me not drawing his right hand. My justification with the logic of perspective didn't reach him. Have to email him this sketch.

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