Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wallposter comics day at GTS

The day held a surprise while we were waiting at the table. Sharad Sharma from World Comics India walks in the office and lifts the veil off the waiting moment. We all were going to make Wallposter comics. Every working member was at the table ready to try their hand at Simple 4 panel storytelling technique.

We drew the face of the person sitting opposite to us. Once done with a few brushing up of drawing skills, we understood the facial features and its role in creating mood and expressions.

We all came up with an issue that we will like to make a wallposter comics on. Once, the issue was there, we thought of the question area, message and target audience. After that, we wrote a ten line story that later on was put in four frames. Keeping the story equally informative throughout the four frames is a crucial aspect.

Once ready with the ingredients, we all started drawing the final version of our comics. We also went through basic communicative glitches that should be avoided.

Jeevan - Problems for pedestrians due to traffic.

Lisa - Communication difficulties in day to day life.

Shayamli - Eve teasing.

Maha - Littering waste around.

Anand - Save the trees.

Mithun - Mobile phone radiation.

Somesh - Honour Killings.

Jyot - Giving recognition to the labours of Delhi Metro.

Aditi - Being responsible on the job.

Jyoti - Eveteasing.

Mohit - Following Traffic rules and sticking to the lane.
Sorry Mohit, You finished late. So, your picture isn't there. Don't cry.
Photographs : Sarad Sharma and myself.