Saturday, November 3, 2012

Zeb and Haniya

Finally, after waiting for more than a year I get to hear Zeb and Haniya live tomorrow at Chowdiah Memorial Hall. I literally stammered when I got to know of their concert. I knew I had to make a poster for them. Probably one of the good excuses to make a poster and who knows if I am lucky enough I can give it to them too. The acceptance will be the most fitting reward for me. Here's the poster with a few snaps of the process. If all goes well, concert photographs will follow soon. 

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I was trying to integrate Arabic calligraphy in the title but one doesn't learn such fine skills in a day. After rendering a few sheets and digitizing, it was clear that I am no good with it. I altered my titles in a way that it picks nuances of Arabic calligraphy yet retains a simplicity in it's form, something which Paul Barnes did with the old typefaces. He carefully extracted the skeleton of letters and shaped them gracefully. I also googled a few experiments with Arabic typography and saw a poster which helped me with my title for this poster. You can see the poster here. I also had to be careful to not use typographic elements in a very irresponsible manner. I had to respect the script and use it with caution such that the stylisation didn't harm the meaning. 

Concert Day Joys
Yesterday evening is still looming in my head and I am still retaining the foolish smile of mine each time I think of the concert.
I reached way too early for the concert to avoid any queues and traffic rush. I was there two and half hours before the show and clearly no one was around, so I just hovered around in the premises of Chowdiah memorial hall. It was then that I heard Zeb's voice from the hall. The duo were rehearsing for the show with the rest of the crew. I sneaked into the empty hall without anyone's notice and in sometime made myself comfortable on the front seat. I was enjoying my own private concert.

I had printed a few copies of the poster before, so I took out one and waved it at them and they were very happy to see the copies. But, soon the authorities realised that I shouldn't be clicking photographs and be present in the hall at all. Although, later on I managed to meet Zeb and Haniya back stage and gave them two copies of the poster. They were more than happy to sign one for me. I had some small conversations about Bangalore and got a few photographs clicked with them as a reminder of this surreal day. 

The concert followed soon after and they performed some tracks from their upcoming album too. Now, that I have heard it once, I am dreading the wait for the second album. The rest of the performing members pitched in their parts well with immaculate moments of brilliance shared with all. But, somehow the pre concert stole the thunder for me, to hear them practice in an empty hall and meet them in person became the whirlpool of my thoughts. I hope to keep making more posters for them and hear them live again. Thank you Zeb and Haniya.   

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