Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

I remember watching Peepli Live two years back in which the role of a small town reporter Rakesh really impressed me. That character was played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He had been around for quite some time doing small roles but went unnoticed till Peepli Live. Then came Paan Singh Tomar and this time I spotted him on the screen quickly as Rakesh. But, his real name came into existence for me only after Kahaani. As Inspector Khan he was impeccable. His shrewdness and arrogance can be seen in his eyes when he shouted at the subordinates in the police station. This lean and lanky actor has much guts packed as an actor. 
Then came Gangs of Wasseypur-I and one could tell that Faizal Khan is made for a bigger appetite of screen space. He had a childhood coupled with a scarred night to cling on. And when he goes on to his first task to Benaras, the soundtrack 'bhaiyaa' just says it all. Here I will take a moment to applaud the music of Sneha Khanwalkar. Gangs of Wasseypur's music is not about songs stuffed to merely entertain the audience. It supports the plot and also helps create the environment of the dark, dingy and folksy landscape of Wasseypur. The music has been churned out of street kids reciting poems, Durga (a 12 year old kid) singing in locals, hints of bhajan keertan instruments, bit of chutney music, beating of hammer on iron rods etc. I can go on picking each sound and building parallels to it. Anyway, getting back to Nawaz's character as Faizal Khan, I have to say that each scene laid the platform for Faizal Khan to take the final lead. Har phool khushboodaar nahi hota, paraaye apne hote hai jab paise paas hote hai are lyrics that are talking of his turmoil ready to vent out. He also has a beautiful chemistry going on with pretty Huma Qureshi as Mohsina. Again thanks to Sneha Khanwalkar, I am finding it difficult for me to stop building my ideas of the sequel from the song 'kaala rey'
It satisfies me to see Nawaz casted as the main character here. This actor deserves it. He has been around, knocking on the door with seasoned performances and now the time is ripe to see him grow further through Gangs of Wasseypur. As a fan of Nawaz, I dedicate this poster to him I made for Gangs of Wasseypur.   

 Process - 

High Resolution version of the poster is available on demand. Anyone up for buying it?


  1. बहुत खूब!!!!..

    सबसे अच्छी बात यह लगी कि पूरा प्रोसेस भी दिखाया और 'हर फूल खुशबूदार नहीं होता' हाथ से लिखा.

    इसका high-res version कैसे मिलेगा? I think you'll get my email id with this comment. क्या उसपर भेज सकते हो? Thanks a lot, in advance.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Your email id didn't show in the profile view. Please send it to me on

  2. Hi Somesh,
    I really love your style.
    I would like to know how do you get the drop shadows to highlight the facial features. I am working on few protraits and wanted to try the drop shadow effect but I didnt know how to manipulate the vector forms. Please help!