Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brainwave. Issue 20. Movie Magic

I remember very clearly how ET was like a dream come true for me as a kid. The VHS of that movie played very often for the time it was rented. The iconic scene of bicycle flying in the backdrop of a giant silhouette of moon is ingrained in my memory. I am sure like me many will have similar memories of particular movies that spun the magical web for them. Being a kid of late eighties, movies with visual effects was still growing and being fed on a very selective few was like being drenched in good rain after a long dry spell.
In this issue of Brainwave, we have looked back at some of the milestones of visual effects usage in movies and the pioneers who worked around with creative ideas and technology to make the audience jump out of their seats leaving them in an awe holding on to their 3D glasses. This issue covers the theme through timeline, 'Top Ten' monsters, 'Here's How' sections and talking about a few highlighted movies. This structure came as a bit of strain because it required plenty of artworks and then putting it all together as one cover story. But we managed pretty well as a team. Here are my artworks for this issue.

Splash Page for cover story
Top Ten Monsters 


The Mummy
Highlighted Movies
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Star Wars episode 4: A new hope

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers  
A preview spread. 
King Kong, illustrated by Vinayak Varma and Avatar, illustrated by Anuranjini Singh.
I believe this issue is worth preserving for the future generations. I have my two copies well stacked in. 
I just got back to Bangalore after a short holiday from home. Finally, the work on my graphic novel has started again. One frame a day is what I am aiming for now. Hoping to take it ahead from there.

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