Monday, March 19, 2012

Bob Biswas Amar Rahe

'Nomoshkaar. Ek minute. Bang!'. That's all. Bob does the job. Trust Bob Biswas to do the kill without a hint of trace. He doesn't need roaring laughs, black clothes, masks or any disguise. He is beyond the needs of amateurs instruments. This pudgy looking LIC agent who can doze off at any given moment is just the kind that no body bothers to give an attention in a crowd. But with his nerdy glasses and well combed hair, he streaks down to his kill, a muffled gun shot and he walks off like he had just gone to the corner to take a leak. 

Bob Biswas in a still from the movie 'Kahaani' 

Bob Biswas has been one of the best pick from the director Sujay Ghosh for his movie 'Kahaani'. I really wish to see him making a return somewhere and grab some screen time. For now, Bob has taken the cult status and is making comebacks through memes. 
Here is my pick for the next Bob Biswas movie. After having a good chat with my friend Ojasvi over the terror of this rum ball Bob. I decided to do a sneak peek poster for the movie 'Bob ka Job, Jeevan Bina Gam'.

Do check out Ojasvi's take on Bob Biswas. Click here. We have got a new blog dedicated for all the fan artworks and memes on Bob Biswas - ekminit. You are most welcome to pay your respect to Agent Bob here.


  1. bob bishauss! too good! but the character that you drew and the treatment is still not that iconic i found!

  2. Brilliant dedication to Sir Bob Biswas. :) Your posters has been queued to :) Thank you.

  3. Class, Man! This is awesome. In no time Bob Biswas has become an cult killer among the masses of Indian film lovers.