Monday, December 13, 2010

Almost there

After many months of rendering and staring at the computer screen, I printed the final dummy of the book. It looks good and needs a few corrections. Thats why I am in Delhi, editing for the final print file. Its freezing here but winters are always welcome. The work and few sessions of illness has kept me off from uploading new sketches and photographs. But, this month is full of travel and uploads will follow soon. By the way, the hand model in the picture is my friend Jyoti Somani.


  1. woooooowwww
    this looks amazing,
    please put up some of the artworks,
    want to see them closely :)

  2. superb.
    especially love the aerial view spread.

  3. love it..its so good the third image spread

  4. Great work somesh!I would love to see the printed copy sometime. Good luck!

  5. astounding!...details are so minutely and deftly done.