Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Vintage Maugham

Last week, I got hold of two old hardbound books of Maugham. I found 'The complete short stories' in red cloth cover with embossed golden letters, in the back of the Blossoms book store. 'The moon and six pence' was gifted to me by Aditi. Both books compliment the writing of Maugham. Holding an old book to read has its homely charm and the smell is of wise dust gathered over the years. The illustrations in the second book carry a simplicity and skill in abundance. Its soothing to see these illustrations as many artworks these days have become loud and go over the ledge with their play of mediums. The illustrations are by Ralph Brown.


  1. The moon and sixpence is based on gauguin's life. not great writing but heart wrenching story.

  2. the book section of your blog is just great. love your 'finds'. the extract from 'of human bondage' gives much to think about.
    i must go book hunting on church street and mg road once more and i must give myself lots of time because that is what one needs to find these treasures.