Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I spent the last days of the year 2012 nestled in the hills of Coorg. Over the years, I have realised that I generally can't write, draw or express much when I am away from the chaos of a city. I think being in the middle of human nature irks my senses more, on the other hand when enveloped with nature, I dull down a bit. It brings a calm over me, and then all I do is to seep it in rather than splurge it out. Although, there are a few things that do stimulate my nerves, and climbing a hill is one of it. The massive structure poses a challenge to this minuscule body. Rather than being a physical act, it becomes a symbol in the head, the will to take on a problem that is much bigger than you. Its course brings a treachery to you through its silent slopes turning to screaming gushes of steep hurdles. The very first few steps would stumble you down making thought barricades that the way is too tough to be walked upon. Through this barricade you would breathe through a few more stone paths, loose mud, poking tree branches, and then realise that how unfortunate it would have been to give up before. The will to carry on with it to reach a peak where you could see yourself with one effort well put is such a rush that makes you forget your aching leg muscles and panting lungs. At times you would reach with no definite landscapes visible enough to give you any rewards. But you know that you are in the clouds. 

I am sorry for the low quality phone pictures, but carrying the weight of a camera would have slowed the climb. 

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