Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brainwave. Issue 21. Gene Pool

The new Brainwave issue is about genetics and unlike the last issue on movies, this one was put together after some brain wracking efforts by the writers and editors. I worked mostly on the articles out of the cover story except the splash page. Lately, I have been enjoying working with digital illustrations using simple shapes and textures. In this issue I ended up using this style quite a bit and I am slowly getting efficient with it too. I guess it's the poster making which is helping me in getting fluent with this style. Here are the illustrations I worked on - 

Splash Page - The DNA structure has been treated as a roller coaster with proteins riding on it.

Illustration for an article about a vending machine that gives a can of ice tea for free in exchange of a tweet. The idea for this artwork is based on the myth about stork delivering babies.

In London, Vodafone has sponsored red coloured umbrellas that harvest solar energy and save it for you to charge your cell phones on the go. The extended antenna on top also helps in increasing the network strength of your phone.

Artwork for a research done on Dung Beetles and what exactly is their choice when it comes to animal poop. 

Did you know that a candle's flame is round in shape and blue in colour if lit in a spaceship? You also will have to keep blowing at the flame after every few minutes to stop it from going off.