Monday, May 21, 2012

Seth's Genius

While finishing the last pages of 'Best American Comics 2007' I read some pages of 'Wimbledon Green' by Seth. I then went to my book shelf and took out the copy of 'It's a good life, if you don't weaken' by Seth again. I had picked it up at Comic Con. As I reached the end of it, Seth had affirmed his genius of storytelling. I am sorry for this crude comparison but his story flows as effortless as George Clooney's acting. Seth's characters dig a comfortable hole for you in their head where you can sit and be part of their conversation, thoughts, ramblings, judgements and many more nuances of the speaking mind. And the beauty is that these conversations are centered around everyday's joys and perils of a human life. There are two places in this book which I bookmarked because of the big thoughts it presents in simple words. I think there is a lot of truth held in these spoken sentences. Here they are - 

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