Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brainwave. Issue 17. All Fools

The month of fools has come and Brainwave has rewarded all of them with their new issue on Pseudoscience. If you think stars really pull your luck around then this issue would be a helpful read to you. No matter how bogus our beliefs are but a drop of scientific reasoning always does us good, like not eating during solar eclipse because the atmosphere is full of negative energy. In short, since you can't cook a fine dish with measured cups of water then why not half cook it with some holy water. 
With this issue, I tried using the learning from Typoday to make the layout more accommodating for the users (editors and copywriters) and weaving the whole magazine around the pixel look. Any magazine should maintain a common feel across it pages but in kid's magazine you can play that role on a very low level so that it doesn't render the pages as unexciting for the young eyes. Since I worked closely on the design and typesetting part of the magazine, I chose to do only a few illustrations this time. I am glad I didn't illustrate much otherwise my itch towards the blind believers would have led the magazine to a few lawsuits.
Here are my contributions for this issue and no lies, you can see the Robert Crumb influence bleeding out  -

Splash page artwork process and options.

Final artwork for the splash page.

Spot illustration for the 'Smarties' story.
Basava Premanand, the Guru Buster
A small comic strip on how to try the levitation trick.
Spot illustration for an article on 'Intelligent Design'.

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