Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sketchcrawl 6, Majestic and Shivajinagar

Sketchcrawl, one of the events that has kept me close to my sketchbooks and I am pleased to make it the sixth one that I have attended. The last sketchcrawl back in January was compromised due to a working Saturday but thankfully today's fell in place well. I had planned to make a visit to Majestic bus stand and draw an aerial view of it from the over bridge running across the platforms. In the morning I checked all my stationery items and was disappointed over the fact that my pencil colours were not there anymore. There was a time when pencil colours were an integral part of my drawing. So much was it's presence that I had to force myself to not use them so that I can venture on other mediums. I think I took it a bit too far and this sketchcrawl I was reminded of my Lycra pencil colours and later realised that I gave them away to a friend. I managed to find a few Derwent colour pencil (gifted by a friend) in the drawer and kept them in my bag. Today, I had made a point to use them for atleast one sketch. The day didn't start off really well. My I pod's earphones refused to work and when I reached Majestic, I realised that there was no place to sit on the over bridge. I hovered around a bit thinking that I can't come all the way here and do no sketch. The time was running out too and I knew mornings are the productive part of my day. I found a lane of cheap shoe, watch, clothes market. The sellers were getting it ready for the business and I found a spot too to start off the sketching. So here is the very first sketch and a photograph of the place.
I had only a few colours to use and the disappointment over not being able to draw the whole bus stand was still hanging around. Not very happy with the first sketch, I decided to take an auto to Shivajinagar. Shivajinagar had always been a place where I love to go around in the streets, take photographs, sketch and buy cheap tea glasses. I think this attachment to Shivajinagar came from the college days. It didn't take me much time to find a place to sketch. The Russell market area has a Dargah at the traffic junction. This signal keeps buzzing around with people coming for bulk shopping of tarpaulin, military goods, motor parts, meat, flowers, perfumes, vegetables, bangles, leather etc. and busy area work perfectly for me to sketch. 
It was close to noon when I started the sketch and in the middle I realised that this one is going to be a long one. The flower shop owner next to me kept me company with his in between remarks and moving the parked vehicles from front blocking my view. It took me one and half hour to wrap up the sketch. I was quite hungry after the long sitting and decided to head back home. But I guess Shivajinagar will happen again for me in the coming sketchcrawls. This place is my hunting ground and also the reminiscent of my college years. 


  1. Two more nice ones added in the album of your sketches...

  2. Very nice to see you back on Sketchrawl . Great sketches from you as usual. I always enjoy seeing your view of India. I have also been regularly following your Treehouse and viewing your magazine work.

    Well I am just off to do my Vancouver Sketchcrawl.

    Best wishes

  3. Thanks David. I will be waiting for the Vancouver Results upload. Good Luck.