Monday, July 4, 2011

Brainwave. Issue 08. Lotsa Bots.

The much awaited copy of Issue 8 - Lotsa Bots arrived today morning. In the past month I had put a lot of work in creating the artworks and layout for the issue. Apart from the amount of work, the other challenge I took was to venture into many more styles for this issue to keep the look of content rich and engaging. Here comes the month of Robotica -

This spread is done for the regular toybox section. Unlike other sections, I have kept a fixed style of drawings for this - simple, hand drawn and functional in its look. The boxes have been kept loose to negotiate with the rigid drawing style.

During my foundation studies in college, I used to love the geometry classes and mechanical drawing. I think this issues provided a good opportunity to look back into that space. The above one is a blend of hand made textures and vector illustrations. Its a tiny spot illustration but I have grown quite fond of it. I had drawn this one for an article on how Mango ripens quickly in the company of Bananas :)

Again from the pages of isometric graph rendering, but this time its Khooni Cafe.  This one required long hours to finish and do I need to tell how much I fretted over the alignment issues in this one.

I also tried doing custom type for the title at many places. The 'Autobots' one was done while listening to 'Tron OST'. But lately I have been wondering about the treatment of titles. Do the titles need to follow the same design treatment across the magazine or is it fine to take the liberty to play around with it, if yes then how much? Considering this is a kid's magazine, being too restrictive on the style play will not help but a common thread is needed somewhere.

Back to the basics, these were rendered with poster paints by hand. 

This is 'Thingumma Bob', our mash monster for this issue - made out of six living creatures. You need to unmash the monster and tell who the six creatures are.

Lastly, the 'Tea-Bot' from our contest page.
I will finish this post by sharing how I approach colour when working on the magazine - being partially colour blind I can't afford to take risks so I do it all mathematically. Say if I have to make purple, then in my head I calculate what percentage of Cyan with Magenta should mix in multiples of 5. Tumbling around on colour wheel is not my area. So all the colours are done in my head like a matching store. 
This is it for now, next issue is on chemistry and I have a few things lined up for that. Lets see how that turns out. 


  1. there are SO many things i like in this post that i need to sit with you and tell you.
    special mention here though, to 'spark spark', and Khooni Cafe.
    maan gaye janaab. i bow down in respect.

    PS: good time to watch Transformers. ;)

  2. Varied styles of illustration is what I like about this post....Too good,love the colours :) any way I can grab this issue?

  3. Yup, you can. Although, its not that easily available, not in places like crossword. But magazine shops on church street have it.

  4. somsesh! looking good :) the tea bot is something i want. Great going on the custom type.

  5. oi! good range somshekhar! i love the different treatments.. the mango and then the isometrics...
    It's a really good looking series! you're really good with details.. :D khooni cafe! hehe

  6. just saw this post. very nice! I can see traces of your college doodles, pixel illustrations in these.You can also try to use a consistent illustration style for a certain type of article or developing a series of articles around a character through various issues. It'll act as hooks to the magazine. building anticipation among the young readers.
    I haven't read the magazine but I think in the toybox section you are doing this. Anyways, very nice! :D Also, like the custom typefaces!! ...eagerly waiting for the next issue post!

  7. Thanks varun and good suggestions too. I am trying to keep toybox and probably contest page with similar illustration style. Although I can try the same for a few more regular articles. Next issue has less of my work in comparison to this one. It should be up by first week of August.