Saturday, June 25, 2011

+1 up!

Yesterday, I finished another book for 'Going to School'. This book has a mixed use of mediums - pencils, acrylics and photographs. Earlier, I was quite skeptical of playing with different mediums in one graphic novel, but it turned out better than I expected.  Here is a sneak peek on what I did in this book. 

The cover and chapter openers borrow its inspirations from the Bollywood posters to highlight the dramatic tension in between characters. Apart from working with varied mediums cohesively, I enjoyed doing the hand drawn type for the titles. It feels good to be analogous with the rendering process of the letters and appreciating the human error. 
Here is a little souvenir - the tissue paper on which I wiped my brushes clean while colouring the pages.

There are more things to come on the blog but for now this +1 up on my to do list is a relief. 


  1. Apart from all the other works done by you for this book, that souvenir seems to be seal of your undaunted spirit and utmost dedication.....preserve it, dear.... and my hats off to you..!

  2. moreover that piece of crumbled tissue paper looks like the physical map of some country or real!

  3. some really good spreads in there.. good stuff with the banana plantations and the crowd sequences