Thursday, September 2, 2010

Asterios Polyp

I finished reading this graphic novel called 'Asterios Polyp' by American artist David Mazzucchelli. It has a queer colour palette and you won't find a single page with the use of black ink. This book is about a paper architect and him making a treehouse for a kid (this is just one of the small aspect of the book). The story has been narrated well with clever use of drawing and line quality that depicts the perception of the characters.
This is just one of the page from the book. It holds a lot of meaning. Thats why, I am sharing this with you.


  1. oh this is what you were talking about? the no black inl. proper. i miss our illustration and gd heart to hearts over chai and delhi landscape.

  2. Well, we can have such conversations again, sometime in delhi, sometime in Bangalore.

  3. this book is absolutely great! I usually have trouble reading graphic novels, because the visuals are so strong I just want to see them all in one go.. but this one! I couldn't stop reading it! and I love the way every character has its patented type..and the way the story unfolds. and of course, the visuals are great!