Sunday, May 16, 2010


During my Gorakhpur trip, I managed to squeeze a visit to Kushinagar for few minutes. I had read about it in my Hindi course book in class IX. Since then, I had a strange wish to see this place. Finally, I was on the doorstep of Parinirvana temple where Buddha's 24' statue rests.

The monk sitting near the statue took us through the history of Buddha's journey to Kushinagar in a Guide like manner. One thing that struck me was a secret that this statue keeps. When seen from three different positions, it conveys the three stages of Gautam Buddha's life. The first one is seen from the end of the statue. This view conveys the dead expression on Buddha's face.

From this view, the face reflects a thoughtful moment. Which is the mid life stage of Buddha.

This one is the birth stage, a face with smile curling on lips.

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